Project Planning:

Understanding your specific needs is our primary concern. We will then apply management expertise, engineering insight and many years of manufacturing experience to provide you with a quality product at the lowest possible price.



We provide product tooling engineering services for components and systems large and small. Our 3D CAD systems ensure the integrity of mating parts before manufacturing begins.


Production Machining:

Rincon's production capability incorporates the use of state-of-the-art CAM software which is fully integrated with all CNC machining centers. Each department is also provided with a weekly work-to-list by our manufacturing management software. These lists provide the leadmen with important information in meeting scheduled delivery dates.



Prototype Machining

The prototype department utilizes our CAM capabilities which allows for the programming of complex shapes resulting in reduced set-up times. Our many years of service have provided us with extensive experience in the machining of a variety of materials, ferrous and non-ferrous.



Certified Welding:

Rincon has the facilities to perform many aspects of welding from structural fabrication to the welding of exotic metals using the most up-to-date military and commercial specifications.



Sheet Metal:

Rincon has several punching and forming stations. It maximizes material usage to reduce fabrication costs.



Quality Assurance:

Precise coordinates measurement is just one aspect of Rincon's overall attention to quality. First article and periodic inspection reports are generated to assure dimensions meet blueprint specifications.